Dead fish treatment station

Water separator, anesthesia tub and cradle for automatic or manual emptying to Offal tank. Offal tank with or without grinder, as desired.
Satisfies requirements for fish- health. Delivered in AISI304 or alternatively in AISI316 execution.

Land- based aquaculture


Complete delivery of facility for onshore fish farming

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Sorting line with vaccination unit

Fish size from 5 gr – 250gr
Delivers with Bjørdal 10 and 15 track sorting machines in 4 sortings and feeding on one side. Capacity (50 gr. fish) – 60 000 fish pr hour (Bjørdal 10 track).
Constructed for return of RAS water
Constructed for fish- health and HSE Regulations – in AISI304

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Sorting unit


Sorting living fish from 5g to 250g. Sorts fish in four
sizes. Total capacity of fish and water 1880 l/min.

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Water separator & fish counter


Available in different dimentions, as desired.
Typical Capacity – 200 000 fish pr hour depending on counter
Changable grates for sorting of wreck fish – facilitated for return of RAS water
Constructed after NS9416 for fish – health in AISI304 or alternatively in AISI316

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Water purification


Intake from every type of onshore facility. Delivers organic waste for further use as fertilizer or energy producton. Capasity as spesifically needed. Referenses with 60 cbm/min water – 400-600 µ cleaning filter

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Smolt sorting system with water separator and fish counter

Delivers with Bjørdal sorting machine for 2-4 sortings with side- or end drain. Big fish machine with fish size from 250gr – 1000gr
Capacity (800 gr. fisk) – 25 000 fish pr hour.
Constructed after NS9416 for fish – health, facilitated for HSE regulations and return of RAS-water. Execution in AISI304 or alternatively in AISI316

Inspection table

Table used for inspection of fish. 
suitable for use on service vessels as it is designed for easy mobilization/ demobilization.
Prepared for easy collection of waste, cleaning and good HSE



High quality impregnation of your nets. Meets the strictest demand of emission.

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Onboard net sevice

Complete washing and impregnating system of fish farming nets, including water and waste treatment

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