PE Bjørdal buys Steel Tech AS

PE Bjørdal has signed an agreement with Steel Tech AS on 27th September 2018 to buy all shares in the company. At the same time, the employees will be included in PE Bjørdal.

PE Bjørdal has for many years delivered advanced and cost-effective factory solutions for the production of whitefish and various types of crabs on board everything from smaller coastal boats to larger trawlers.

The company is growing and aiming for further growth within these segments.

Steel Tech has for a number of years developed solutions for fishing and marine industry, and their knowledge and solutions fit well into Bjørdal’s product range.

Steel Tech has been the sales and expertise department for the Danish company Carsoe in recent years and has a wide network of customers in Norway. We are certain that Steel Tech is a valuable piece in the plans of further growth of Bjørdal.
The acquisition will not make any practical changes for Steel Tech customers. BJØRDAL will further maintain and strengthen the company’s location in Ålesund.

For further information, please contact:
Jan S Søvik, chair PE Bjørdal
Tlf +47 95 22 64 96

Bjørn Meek, CEO PE Bjørdal
Tlf +47 97 16 27 40

Stein Kjerstad, CTO PE Bjørdal
Tlf +47 92 85 51 53

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