New contract on factory for fishing vessel

BJØRDAL has signed a contract with the shipping company Alta Fiskeriselskap for the delivery of a complete factory for the new vessel “Jens Kristian”.

The vessel is rigged for seine, purse seine and trawl and is designed by Seacon in Måløy. The boat will also be facilitated to fish snow crab, mackerel and shipment of live fish and silage.

Deliveries from PE Bjørdal include a complete factory for the production of codfish, bled wholefish, head and guttedish, and have installed electrical stunning, two gutting machines and a Baader 444.

The factory both retrieves and supplies to the RSW tank and the fish is sorted by weight and type of fish after production. The freeze line consists of vertical freezer and a separate line for handling freezed blocks with a capacity of more than 30 tons per day.

Based on PE Bjørdal’s expertise, the very compact factory is set up with good access to operation and cleaning.
PE Bjørdal is proud to be chosen as a supplier in this very important market.